Slices allow you to create separate statistics for some hits (views or other actions on the site) , matching several criteria at once with a full set of all reports available in full version of statistics. For example, the statistics of visits by men from Russia via mobile browsers.

Also slice can be created with the setting of counting unique visitors (userid) to obtain cross-device statistics and analytics.

How to create a slice

  1. Open the section “Slices” in the left menu at site.

  2. There you will see a list of existing slices, if you created any earlier. To create a new slice click the “Add” button.

  3. Then you will see form with slice settings.

  4. Specify the name of slice you understand. It will be shown in the slice list.
  5. Then you need to set conditions of hits for this slice. Click the “Add Filter” button to specify conditions by which the slice will be performed.

    For example we want to track men from Russia who visit the site with Apple mobile devices and have an income about the average. In this case the settings of the conditions will look like this:

    URL filters consist of different filters combined with OR. Different conditions inside the filter are combined by AND. For example we want to count the visits to the page, but do not want to include Also we would like to count all visits to the page Then the configuration will look like this (part of the domain can be skipped): add the first filter with two conditions (contains /Rating/ AND not contains /Rating/Computers/), and the second filter with one condition (contains /keywords)

  6. After the filters have been added, proceed to the settings “Count unique visitors ….” and “Track …”
  7. Option “Track” allows you to count all subsequent actions of the visitor in statistics, not only one hit which meets the slice conditions. This allows you to specify a condition on the visitor’s source (for example, an advertising campaign defined by the UTM label) or on the achievement of a specified goal, and to count the statistics of all subsequent visits of such visitors. Enabling tracking makes sense only if you specify a condition on the changing properties of a hit, for example, URL filters, Geography, …
  8. By default site statistics are counted by the visitors cookie set by the Top Mail.Ru. But if user has several devices by which he visits your site then he can be counted as several unique visitors. The option “Count unique visitors ….” allows you to specify the method of unique visitors counting by specifying your own userid. For example as userid you can select the visitor ID from your CRM. This makes it possible to count cross-device statistics and analytics.

If you chose unique visitors counting by the site userid then you need to transfer them from the javascript counter code. Contact the developer of your site to make changes. You must have the counter code of the latest version with asynchronous download. In the code yo need to find string:

_tmr.push({id: "counter ID",  type: "pageView", start: (new Date()).getTime()});

Add an userid parameter separated by comma:

_tmr.push({id: "counter ID",  type: "pageView", start: (new Date()).getTime(), userid: "your USERID" });

your USERID must be set on webpage generation on server or by variable/javascript function that must be defined earlier.

After the slice configuration is complete you must save slice and then activate it. At one time no more than 4 slices can be active.


  1. After slice activation you can change conditions of slice. Changes start to operate after saving changes, the already processed statistics are not affected. If you change the Tracking option, this will only affect hits/visitors that have been received after the change. If the method of counting unique visitors is changed users will get new identifiers according to choice and all subsequent visits of the same visitors will be treated as new ones.
  2. Slice statistics counting can be “Stopped” and then activated again. You can also “Delete the slice” but this operation can not be reversible, be very careful.
  3. When enough statistics for the slices is accumulated, the number of Visitors, Views and mini graphics will be displayed in the slice line.