Search Queries

Search Queries is a tool that allows you to discover what search engine queries lead visitors to your site. To go to the information about queries, select Search Queries in the left-hand menu.

Obtaining data on position in search results

By default, the page displays the total number of views related to a particular request. For each search query, we determine the page number of search engine results that the visitor came to the resource page from. If the site was at different positions in the search results for the same query at different times in a 24-hour period, the average position is showed. Report data can only be collected for a full day.

Choice of search engine and demographic criteria

The list of search engines can be found above the statistics table. You can select the search engine you are interested in and see which queries led visitors to your site. Select All to get information about all search engines at once. You can also select demographic criteria such as gender or age.

Filtering by substrings

Under the statistics table, you will find a filter that allows you to limit the list of displayed rows: to display only those that contain substrings specified in the filter, or to display all except those that contain the specified substrings.