What is Top?

Top Mail.Ru is a statistics system for site owners. You need to get and install the counter code on the pages of your site to collect data. After installtion you can:

  • estimate the number of views and visits to the site
  • identify sources and search queries that led people to your site
  • recognize the gender, age and geographical location of visitors
  • get information about devices and operating systems used by your visitors to access the Internet
  • find out what pages of your site are more popular
  • track if the goals for which you attracted people to the site are reached

The statistics of your site can be hidden from outsiders and known only to you, but if you want you can open access to it for confidants.

Participation in the rating of websites

Rating is based on site traffic. It is divided into thematic categories and subcategories. You will be asked to choose the category of your site at registration. The right choice of category will ensure the largest influx of the target audience from the Top Mail.Ru pages and will also help to compare the popularity of your resource with competitors.

If you want, you can disable rating by changing counter settings. This does not affect on collection and displaying statistics of your site.