Entry Points

Entry Points is a report where you can find out which external link your visitors used to land on a certain page of your site and which one they used to leave it.

How to get the report

  1. Find the Site Content module in the left-hand menu of Mail.Ru Rating, and select Landing pages.

  2. Select the desired page in the central column and you will see which link visitors used to land on it (on the left) and which one they left by (on the right).

Bookmarks are transitions without a specified referrer. Most often this means that the transition was made through a bookmark. In addition, it can also be clicks on links sent via messaging apps, URLs entered in the browser address bar, or situations where the URL is cut off or not transmitted for security purposes.

Failures are all attempts to access the page (in the central column) where the user’s path was interrupted: they didn’t go anywhere internally on the site or went to an external resource.

Exporting the report

The report contains only the most popular links and exit options. Use export to HTML, CSV, or XLS to see all of them. To export, use the link with the desired format at the end of each column of the report.