How can I get and install counter code?

To get counter code open the statistics section of your site, find the item “Settings” of counter in the left menu and click on the link “Counter code”.

On the next page you can choose the appearance of the counter logo which you can install on your site. Some logos can show the number of views and unique visitors of your site. If you do not want to install logo, uncheck the “Code with picture” box. After choosing of logo appearance click the “Get the counter code” button.

You will see the fileds containing the code:

The top field contains the counter code that you need to install on all pages of your site. You need to place the code inside the <BODY> block as high as possible. After making changes in the counter code it’s operability is not guaranteed.

The bottom filed contains the logo code. This code is responsible for the image which you selected as appearance on previous page. The logo code can be installed anywhere on your website. Note that if you unchecked “Code with picture” on the previous page you will not get the logo code.

Please note that you need to install the logo code to display the counter logo on your website.