Alternative CDN

If your site is oriented to countries where Mail.Ru Group services are blocked, statistics on site visits by users from these countries may not be counted.

There may also be problems in case of using of the old (non-asynchronous) counter code. If you are still not using asynchronous counter code, we strongly recommend you to update the counter code to an up-to-date version.

For sites with a insignificant ratio of users from countries with a blocking, you can continue to use asynchronous code without changes.

If your site have problems with loading the counter code in certain countries, you can use an alternative counter code. This code will try to send data to an alternate server if the primary server is not available or blocked.

Make changes in the counter code by replacing the part of the code




Both the domain and the file name should be changed.

As a result, instead of

you should have

If you insert your logo code in addition to the counter code on the site pages, then you should also replace the domain with in the logo code.

Make sure you change the code on all site pages!