The report “Demography” is based on the questionnaires of users of Group services.

To date, several hundred million active users have been registered in the Group services.

Based on user registration data, we compile statistics on the socio-demographic distribution of users of any site that has installed the Mail.Ru Rating code.

For most sites, accurate data may be determined for 75-80% of Runet users (for individual sites, this proportion may slightly differ from the average). For the remaining 20-25%, we do not try to guess the gender and age based on indirect data, so as not to distort the exact data, but simply do not take them into account in demographic reports.

As a result, the absolute number of users in the “Demography” report is slightly different from the values in the “Visit Dynamics” report. Relative data in the report are calculated from the number of known visitors and due to the huge sample in most cases, they are as close to real values as possible.