Informer on your site

You can install an informer that shows the most popular headlines on your site. This will help a new user to quickly navigate straight to the most interesting content.

How to install

Insert this script anywhere

<script type="text/javascript" src="//"></script>

And insert this code where you want to place the informer (inserting your counter ID):

<div id='tpinformer' cid='ID вашего счетчика'></div>

Changing the appearance

You can easily change the appearance of the informer. By default it looks like this:

Each element used has its own class:

<div id="tpinformer" cid="36383">
    <ul class="top_informer">
    <li class="top_informer-item"><span class="top_informer-item-number">9</span>&nbsp;<span class="top_informer-item-title"><a href="//;from=jumpfrom">Рейтинг - статистика и аналитика для вашего сайта</a></span></li>
    <a href="//" class="top_informer-signature">Рейтинг</a>


As an example, let’s redefine some parameters using the following CSS:

    .top_informer-item-title {color: sienna; font-family: Arial,Sans-Serif;}
    .top_informer-item {   list-style:none; }

And now it looks different:

For the informer to work correctly, you need to make the “Top titles” Real Time report public. To do this, go to the “Permissions” section and check the corresponding settings.