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Page views per session

22 january 2019
23 january 2019, Wednesday
gender: All Males Females
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Page views per session Sessions  
1 34 36.56%
2 22 23.66%
3 6 6.45%
from 4 to 5 18 19.35%
from 6 to 10 12 12.90%
from 11 to 20 0 0.00%
from 21 to 50 1 1.08%
Sum of selected      
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Session is a sequence of one visitor page views. If there was more than a predetermined time between views (session timeout) these views are belong to different sessions. Session timeout is configured in thin settings and defaults to 30 minutes. Session timeout in the current report - 30 minutes.
Page views per session — the number of one visitor page views during one session.
Session duration — the time difference between first and last views of one visitor during the session.
Time spent — the total duration one visitor sessions during the selected period. Attention, if the visitor had several sessions, the time between sessions is not included.